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Elegant glass plaques

Glass Plaques

Many of our clients are amazed at the sheer range of formal recognition symbols and trophy awards which are available from A-One Engraving Services. Everything from traditional hardwood plaques with brass plates to elegant glass plaques and engraved acrylic awards can be purchased and personalized through our company.

Plaque awards fabricated from glass often carry extra appeal for recipients, partly because of their uniqueness, and partly because of their inherent value. You can find many glass plaque options here including our stunning black glass plaque with a red brass plate. This particular plaque is available in 8" x 10" and 9" x 12" sizes, and like most of our glass awards and trophies, it comes individually boxed for an extra elegant presentation.

More glass awards and trophies in Dallas, TX

Glass Awards And Trophies

Because crystal and glass recognition pieces are currently in high demand, we carry and extensive selection of exquisite glass awards and trophies. All are expertly crafted, and have a contemporary yet timeless appeal.

Our crystal cube displays perfectly on a shelf or bookcase, and shows off logo art beautifully. Obelisks and towers are always appealing in shape, and are especially appropriate for architecture and engineering achievement recognition.

A great alternative to glass is our line of Lucite trophies and plaques. They maintain a contemporary edge, and of course, there is no concern over breakage.

Lucite trophies provide good alternative

If glass is inappropriate for a particular recognition or award, check out our great Lucite trophies. As discussed in an earlier article, these acrylic pieces are available with greater shape versatility. Additionally, these pieces are in a lower price category, making them more universally affordable.

No matter your need for recognition awards, we have you covered with everything from glass plaques to the most traditional of trophy cups.

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