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Trophy awards present Oscar-like recognition

Trophy Awards

When Hollywood's best climb the stairs up to the stage to receive their hard-won awards, everyone in the audience recognizes their achievements. But the epitome of that achievement comes in the form of a gold statue trophy lovingly referred to as Oscar.

Trophy awards like Oscar are never won easily which is a large part of the reason they are so highly coveted. In a fancy auditorium filled with well-dressed contemporaries who know what it takes to win such an award, exiting the stage clutching a tangible symbol of success is a special moment indeed.

Making outstanding achievements with exquisite silver, gold, crystal award trophies, and glass trophies is a time honored tradition in many professions. While few of us will ever be eligible for an Oscar statue, the idea and meaning behind Oscar can be successfully applied to honor excellence as corporate recognition awards in any office or industry imaginable.

Crystal award trophies with meaning

Crystal Award Trophies

For recognition to be meaningful, it has to be genuine. Most corporations have award and recognition programs in place for employees, but sometimes these programs are executed with empty gratuitousness. No matter how beautiful or expensive the trophy awards may be, bestowing them on employees will not achieve corporate goals if recipients do not feel as though they earned or won the recognition legitimately.

On the other hand, employees who routinely exceed company expectations deserve some kind of beautiful, tangible recognition.

A-One Engraving Services offers exquisite high end crystal award trophies which are a perfect symbol of excellence. These stunning pieces are available in a number of forms from elegant prism crystal towers to gorgeous deep cut crystal vases. All can be engraved with laser precision to specifically mark an achievement.

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