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Their identity is the most precious possession that your employees have. Showing them that you honor them by providing them with cast bronze name plaques and magnetic name badges are a sure way to win them over in such a way that says, "We respect you and want you to be with us for a long, long time."

These markers are a token of the investment and value that you place in your people. The sweetest sound in anyone's language is their own name. By displaying these elegantly engraved items you are sending the message that you consider this individual a person of great value. When they find their name and title displayed in such a prominent way, their first impulse will be one of validation and loyalty. Tell them that they matter and that you value them with these high-quality metal name plates. Make this your significant welcoming gesture to your new team member.

Style: Cast Bronze Name Plaques

These identity markers not only make a big difference the employee whose name is emblazoned upon them. These signs tell everyone in the office that you care about them. And don't forget, when clients come calling, these distinctive metal name plates give them the strong message that they are encountering a tightly-knit team that values its members. And when those members continue to perform above and beyond your expectations remember to reward them with our assortment of awards, crystal, plaques, promotional items, and trophies.

The message that is sent with these cast bronze name plaques is one of confidence, authority, and value. Your people are your greatest asset. Announce that you care about them. Let the world know that they matter and are valued as an integral part of your team. First impressions are made here.

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